About Us.

Tennis for Adults was developed from Bill Blair experiencing more and more pains after playing tennis as he grew older. A certified PTR tennis instructor, Bill set out on a mission to find a method of playing tennis which would allow him to continue with the game he has played for decades, without the pains he had experienced. 

Unable to find anything which addressed the unique needs of those over 40, he developed a method which is easy on the body, yet still allows people to play competitive tennis. Over the years, and after having shared his methods with hundreds of student, he perfected his "Winning Social Tennis for Adults " (WSTA) system. 

What was unexpected, was when he taught his system to those just starting to learn tennis, they were able to play competitive tennis much quicker than traditional instructions permitted. Students who applied his teachings have said "I learned more in a few hours with you, than months of instructions". 


Tennis for Adults is a site dedicated to promting tennis to those over 40, so they can continue to play and be competiitve into their 50s, 60s, 80s, and beyond.